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american-football-kostüm,It can produce wheat and cereal grain flour, wheat semolina flour, standard life. Flour fineness can be adjusted from 90 mesh to 120mesh.

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It is our new high technology designed to produce high quality white wheat flour. Structure is upgraded to have three silos 

and four round sifters. Two round sifters first extract wheat core to grind wheat core purely into white wheat flour in highest 

quality. After extracting wheat core, wheat skin is separated and stored in middle silo for further grinding and flour extracted. 

Wheat core and wheat skin are milled separated. Skin/bran does not mix with wheat flour, that is why it produces high quality 

wheat flour.Whole procedure is automatic, wind transmit material. Feed grain into silo, automatically take grain to grind 

then auto sifting and receive output. Only needs one person to operate.

    It is for high grade market. It places on ground, feed material from ground, no need elevator. Receive flour, bran from 

      ground, easy to operate. It can produce wheat and cereal grain flour, wheat semolina flour, standard life. Flour fineness can 

        be adjusted from 90 mesh to 120mesh..


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What is new?

Three silos designed to hold raw material, big bran, wheat core.

Two round sifter first extracts wheat core.

Another two round sifter extracts wheat flour.


How it works?

1st time extract wheat core

2nd time grind wheat core

3rd time grind wheat skin


1. Improved technology from traditional flour mill, simpler structure, easy to operate.

2. Adopt chain drive transmission system, more energy saving, low noise, and low maintenance cost.

3. Famous brand rollers which last long year with no need replacement.

4. Besides wheat, it can be used to produce flour from maize, beans or other cereal grains.

5. Machine frame uses standard steel plate with powder coated finish, nice looking and work stably to reduce shaking.

6. Besides wheat flour, after peeling or crushing, beans can also be used to be ground on the flour mill to produce 

   cereal grain flour, for example, wheat, black eye bean, lentil, yellow pea, gram, etc.




Technical data

Production capacity: 450-550kg/hour

Main shaft RPM: 650R

Wheat flour extraction rate:70%--85%

Final flour fineness: 40mesh to 160 mesh

Motor power: 15KW+1.5KW+4KW=20.5KW

Outer dimensions: 2600x1600x3500mm


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